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Experience the captivating beauty of Rasun's hit songs. Explore his latest music video collection or immerse yourself in all his music videos on Youtube.

❂ Crazy World (Official Video)

❂ No Turning Back (Official Video)

❂ Love You The Way I Do (Official Video)

Live Performances

❂ Hard To Walk Away (Live)

❂ Crazy World (Live)

❂ Love You The Way I Do (Live)

Official Audio

Two Videos Section

❂ Anything For You (Official Audio)

❂ Don't Feel Right (Official Audio)

Two Videos Section

❂ Energy (Official Audio)

❂ I Need You Now (Official Audio)

Two Videos Section

❂ Enjoy The Ride (Official Audio)

❂ Time Again (Official Audio)

Two Videos Section

❂ Memories (Official Audio)

❂ Through It All (feat. Aimee Silva) (Official Audio)